Introducing the new innovation of E-voting
Which will change Elections worldwide

sms based voting platform which defeats the challenges of the old system be it manual voting or computer based voting.
It provides the needed confidentiality in the voting process since voters do not have to be present at the election grounds to vote. In other words it breaks geographical boundaries.

No Queues To Vote
No Double Voting
Accurate Results
No Impersonation
Confidential And Secured


Every voter is required to verify his/her identity by txting their index numbers/ card number to the system to confirm their identity. The VOTER ID is then generated .


A voter can only vote after verification of identity. (No verification, no vote). Voting is done by txting the ID of the CANDIDATE OF CHOICE to the system. A VOTER CAN NOT VOTE TWICE IN SAME POSITION


The GSM voting system has 3 ways to give results. 1. Real time display on big screen 2. txting RESULTS to the system number 3. Final results in a pdf format for printing


Electronic voting system provides convenience and access to the electorate without the geographical restrictions. Mobile phone is one of the emerging technologies to perform e-voting with democratic norms and privacy concern. Since it is an offline system, security is very much assured.

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